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Satelite for TV full review - 3000 channels in my PC?

The Satellite TV for PC 2006 Elite addition was just released. I have purchased the elite edition to compare it to the TV for PC 2006 Pro edition. I have found this edition to be more improved then the pro edition with additional channels and faster transmit time I have found that it is well worth the extra ten dollars. The pro edition was selling at $39.95 and the elite addition can be sold at an low priced of $49.95. It usually retails for as much as $400. I have found one site that is selling it for that very low price.

Satellite TV defiantly has come a long way. I have tried many software packages for my pc and have found one they stays far a top of the rest. Satellite TV for PC 2006 is one of the best packages I have found. This site is offered at the best price and quality that I have seen. With over 2000 channels at a one time only fee of $39.95, is the cheapest for the best quality that I have yet to see for computer satellite TV.

The price was not a problem for me. I paid with a smile hoping that this would be better than the Computer Satellite TV pro 2006. The computer satellite TV Elite edition is defiantly the way to go. I used it over the weekend and could never make up my mind what to watch.

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Before I started to review the Computer Satellite TV 2006 Elite edition. I was checking into another software package. Its price is a one time fee of $150 I am still reviewing and will make a post when I am through. The offer states there are more sports channels along with football. I will wait a bit before I post a review in this product.

For now I would highly recommend the Computer Satellite TV for 2006 Elite Edition. I defiantly give this one a very high rating. There are a variety of channels from around the world including, sports, movies, weather, news, music, and regular broadcast channels. I will now be using satellite TV for pc 2006 elite edition instead of the pro edition. If you would like a link to the site that is offering it for $49.95 you can find the link by visiting my web site.

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